Terms & Conditions

Please read the following carefully before making your purchase.

Colour Variations

Please be mindful that colours will vary slightly from what is seen on screen, to the colours on the actual print. This is a natural occurrence when working with digital and printed media. Without screen calibration, screen colour output will vary from customer to customer. We endeavor to minimize variation as much as possible, but the purchaser must accept that small colour discrepancies can occur. If you have any concerns or questions, please email studio@lynkaink.com prior to your purchase.


Lynka.Ink confirms that no personal information provided to us will be released to third parties outside our business. We do not collect credit card details. However, please be aware that the payment gateway providers used to facilitate credit card transactions may do so.


Unless otherwise indicated, all artwork is originally created by the artist, and must not be reproduced, or duplicated in any way without the permission of the artist. If required for commercial use, written permission must be sought beforehand. We are more than likely to happily accommodate for this, however, we wish to be acknowledged clearly and adequately in such circumstances.